Ash Field Academy
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Week 7 - Online Video Content

Topic / Subject /Activity YouTube Links



Guidance and instructional demonstrations

from Alexis

Seated Twist


Side Bend


Superman or Superwoman


Yoga for PMLD Seated

Sensory Stories



Trip to space sensory story intro vid


Trip to space main vid


Reading Books


Well-known stories read aloud for young people (and grown ups!) to listen to


Pirates Love Underpants






Room on the Broom

Movement to Music



Movement to Music - Introduction


Movement to Music - Main Video


Ash Field Staff Songs


Fun songs to listen to and join with!


Twinkle Twinkle Little Star


Whole world in his hands

Massage Sessions



I do like to be beside the seaside introduction


I do like to be beside the seaside - massage session


Nick’s P.E. - Miles in May Challenge (Week 2 of 2)



As the weather forecast is looking good for the week and we have a bank holiday weekend I thought I would set a distance challenge but give you two weeks to complete it. You have a choice of going for a 1, 3, 5, or 10 mile challenge. This combined distance over the two weeks, not each time you go out. 


There are apps that you can download for free on your phone such as Strava or Map My Run which are easy to set up and use. This will measure the distance that you walk and will save it in your history making it easy to keep track of the distance you have done.


Good luck and enjoy the fresh air.







Join in and dance along to fun and well-know songs!


The Ketchup Song


Shake Your Sillies Out




Rolling Pushing and Pulling


Sensory - Tactile



Guided Meditation


Guidance and instructional demonstrations from Alexis



Mudra Meditation - Hand Positions




Reflexology - soles of feet



Craft Activities



Paper Aeroplanes


Potato Carving and Print



Ideas and tips on creating your own artwork


Pasta Necklace


Sensory Jars

Music from Adele McMahon



Spring is Here (with signing)


Music from Dan Britton




Wizard Song


Teaching Signing


8 - Shake and Move


Silly Stuff!



Because we all need to have a laugh now and again!

The Day I went to Sea