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Exam Results


Exam Results - 2019-2020


 Course 5800                             Personal and Social Education                         4 units = Award 
Unit 2 - Drugs EducationUnit 11 - Being a Critical CustomerUnit 14 - Sex and Relationship EducationUnit 19 - Personal Finance
1YPassNot here for lesson  
1YPass1YPass   1YPass

Exam Results - 2020-2021


At Ash Field, some of our pupils sit qualifications and only those which are relevant to our individual pupils needs, contexts and readiness are taken.


Due to Covid19, the consequent reliance on home learning and the fact that we had no pupils who would be negatively impacted by delaying entering them until 2021/22, we agreed to wait and enter prospective candidates in the year 2021/22.


We continue to provide 1:1 tutoring and small group interventions to those pupils who require catch up to prepare them for future exams and look forward to publishing our next set of results in August 2022.


We are also in the process of reviewing the exam board we use for our Entry Levels and are researching which suite of qualifications best suit our upcoming cohort as we want to ensure best outcomes for our learners. We will update all stakeholders when this decision is made

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