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Software & Literacy Tools

Clicker 8, Clicker Writer and DocsPlus


In Cricksoftware's own words:


Clicker is the complete writing solution for the primary classroom, providing every pupil with just the right level of support and challenge.  Our Clicker universal licensing enables you to ‘mix and match’ depending on your school’s set-up. Install Clicker 8 on your computers and use Clicker Writer on iPads and Chromebooks. Watch your pupils confidently tackle writing tasks with help from Clicker’s realistic speech feedback, talking spell checker, audio note recorder and intelligent word prediction tool. ' 


Docs Plus is the software aimed at secondary-aged pupils.


Clicker 8 and DocsPlus are available on a 28 day trial and there is preferential pricing for home use of extension licences for schools and colleges.


The software can be used with both eye gaze and switches using the compatible switch box

Clicker Introduction

DocsPlus Introduction

Accessibility in Clicker

Literacy Tools (Accessible Tech Thursdays)

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