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Pastoral Care

During the school day the care of each young person is in the hands of the class teacher for primary pupils and the group tutor for secondary pupils. These teachers are the pupils’ main pastoral link. Pupils are also supported in their learning and personal care by a skilled team of Teaching Assistants. In the residential wing each pupil has an identified member of the residential management team who looks after pastoral needs. This member of staff links with an identified member of the teaching staff to ensure appropriate links between the day and residential section of the school.


Parents are welcome to discuss any problem with their child's class teacher or group tutor or a member of the residential management team. Usually this will be at school but should you want us to visit you at home, we will be happy to do so.


Jenny Bone, the Principal has overall responsibility for pupils’ pastoral care and welcomes contact with you. Each phase is led by a phase leader who is also a Vice Principal. These are:


Head of Early Primary & Primary Helen Jarvis
Head of Secondary & FE

Caroline Lindsay


Medical & Therapies


Please view our handbook below for this information and click below to download medical forms:

Any PDF document can be translated into another language by Google Translator, a link to the translator and instructions on how to use it can be found in our policies section, by clicking on the link below:


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