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Assistive Technology

Types of Assistive Technology


Many forms of assistive technology are available at Ash Field Academy. Various devices, systems and software which enable individuals to perform tasks and contribute to activities, offer new and exciting opportunities in their education, socially and towards independence.


Please click the images below to learn more about each type of assistive technology.


Useful Links


Accessible Tech Thursdays


The DfE's EdTech Demonstrator Programme has created 24 short webinars (between 20 to 40 mins) focusing on the best ways to integrate accessible technology into your classrooms – enabling you to improve the outcomes for all of your learners.


The back catalogue can be found on their YouTube page or by opening the document below and clicking the links within.



A network for those supporting learners with physical disability


pdnet is a free to join, national network that provides professionals in education with support in promoting positive outcomes for children and young people with a physical disability. Ash Field Academy is a pdnet champion and has a strong commitment to developing and sharing effective educational practice and pedagogy for learners with physical disability. For more information and free training please see attached flyer. 


pdnet champions at Ash Field Academy are: Ellen Croft and Jane Lynch. You can contact us on 

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The Assistive Technology Assessment Centre provides support to Leicester City's Primary, Secondary and Specialist Schools who are seeking to include pupils with physical disabilities. If you are interested in referrals for assistive technology assessment, please see the below link.