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The Assistive Technology Assessment Centre

This is a message to notify you that Ash Field Academy is no longer commissioned as the Leicester City Local Authority's Assistive Technology Centre. This came into effect as of the 1st April 2022. A decision was made by the Local Authority to take this work in-house and therefore any referrals for assistive technology assessment will need to be made to special education service on:


To ensure an effective handover all closed and open referrals have been handed over to the SES team by our assistive technology specialists teachers.


As of the 1st April 2022, no short term loan equipment can be issued from our assessment centre however we have agreed with the LA that all short term loan equipment currently in schools for assessment purposes can remain in place as per loan agreement until they are in a position to replace it. If you no longer need the item which we have loaned to you, please contact to arrange for its collection.


We are no longer able to answer any questions about AT assessments, short term and long term loan of equipment, insurance of equipment and/or maintenance of equipment. is the interim contact for all specific enquiries from this point forward. 


We have always valued the trust and respect from our community and colleagues and we want to thank you for your partnership and support over the last 15+ years. We will continue to be committed to be a centre of expertise where we do what's right for children and young people, both in our school and wider school community. 


We want children and young people to do well and continue to share our Assistive Technology and SEND expertise through our Inclusion and SEND Hub school-to-school support and CPLD offer. Please see our Inclusion and SEND Hub page on this website. 


We look forward to working with you on any future projects.


Catherine, Karen and Jade (Assistive Technology Specialist Teachers)

Ellen Croft (Director Inclusion and SEND Hub)


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