Ash Field Academy
** Ash Field is CLOSED to all pupils. All parents have been been contacted. If you are a key worker and need to find a placement for you child/ren please contact the Administration Team on 0116 454 6216 / 6217 all other enquires please contact your class teacher through Class Dojo **

Our School

Main School


Ash Field Academy is a day and weekly boarding school for 160 pupils aged 4-19 who have a wide range of ability and a main presenting physical disability. This can be combined with one or more needs of a sensory, communication, learning, medical, emotional or behavioural nature. The school is proud of the ‘excellent spirit’ (OFSTED) of its pupils and of all their achievements whether they be at the earliest stages of learning or gaining several GCSEs.


Our residential provision has an un-announced OFSTED inspection every year for three days.  It has received a judgement of outstanding for at least five consecutive years. Our last OFSTED inspection was in November 2017 and we are all proud to say we were given a judgement of outstanding. The school serves Leicester City, Leicestershire and Rutland and also admits pupils from other counties. We have an Assistive Technology Assessment Centre which assesses and recommends equipment for pupils in mainstream schools.   Pupils who are on roll at Ash Field, whether full time or part time, are brought to school in taxis (with an escort as well as a driver) or in adapted mini-buses. Parents who choose to bring their children themselves are currently reimbursed by the transport department for their local area.


We are proud that we are a Teaching School and have special, mainstream and independent schools in the Ash Field Teaching Alliance (AFTA). We feel it is important to work with other schools and organisations to champion best practice and secure excellent achievement for all pupils. From September 2016 we have established a Challenge Partners hub including ten schools who are also part of our Teaching School Alliance. 


There are six Key Stages (KS) to cover years F2 - 14 and three departments:


Key Stage Year Ages Department
Early Years F2 4 - 5 Primary
1 1 - 2 5 - 7 Primary
2 3 - 6 7 - 11 Primary
3 7 - 9 11 - 14 Secondary
4 10 - 11 14 - 16 Secondary
5 12 - 14 16 - 19 Further Education (FE)



The Primary Department operates along the lines of a typical primary school with a class teacher delivering the majority of lessons. The Secondary Department runs rather like a mainstream secondary school with most pupils having different teachers for the various subjects on the curriculum. Pupils are grouped according to their needs and in some cases follow a bespoke curriculum to enhance their learning.


Ash Field has a multi-disciplinary team of Teachers, Teaching Assistants and other support staff including National Health Service professionals who are integral to the school. Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and Speech and Language Therapists work closely with school staff to make the most efficient use of time for the maximum benefit of the pupils and students. We have an Ash Field nurse and two healthcare assistants on site during the school day.



Residential Department

Integral to the school is a residential wing. The main purpose of the residential wing is to develop independence and social skills in all our pupils and to enhance aspects of the national curriculum and the whole curriculum.


The residential wing offers extended curriculum in two ways. Some pupils stay overnight for a variety of lengths of time. Others spend additional time with us after the end of the school day and go home later in the evening.


One of the main objectives is to continue the work done during the school day in developing independence and intellectual, emotional, spiritual and to the greatest extent possible, physical skills. There is a flat for older pupils' use. The staff involved in this include teachers, therapists and residential managers. To ensure safety through the night - in addition to three night-waking members of staff, there are two members of staff who sleep on the premises and an ‘on call’ rota which always includes a member of the Senior Leadership Team or the Head of Residential Education and Care.


The educational programme includes the opportunity to enhance curriculum activities and to have a chance to do homework. There is also a lively programme of activities aimed at developing the constructive use of leisure time. This varies, but has included swimming, sport, visits to the cinema, library, concerts, fairs and in summer, outings to various parks.


The residential wing is attached to the main school building so parts of the school are also used in the evening by pupils. In addition to the independence flat the residential wing has eight bedrooms. Some of these are single.


When it has been agreed with parents and school that residential experience will be of value to the pupil, the Head of Residential Education & Care contacts parents and school staff to establish the necessary details before the first stay. Parents are encouraged to visit the residential wing if at all possible as we know how important small details of routine can be to some children. There is an individual programme for younger pupils who usually start their residential experience by staying to tea on one day a week. When the child is familiar with the residential wing a one night stay is arranged. This can then build up to a maximum of 2 nights when the pupil is ready and there is capacity within the residential wing.



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