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Out of Hours (School closed) Safeguarding Email Address


If you wish to contact the school about anything to do with safeguarding and the school is closed, use the contact form below.


Your email will automatically be sent to the 8 Designated Safeguarding Leads (DSLs); Jenny Eshelby (Principal), Stephanie Chamberlain (Deputy Principal), Ellen Croft (Vice Principal), Caroline Lindsay, Jess Renner and Helen Jarvis,Jayne Lister, Safiya Ghumra who will respond as soon as they are able to.


However, if you need advice and support in order to keep a child safe, or you wish to report a concern, please contact Duty and Advice (DAS) on 0116 454 1004. For emergencies, always contact the police on 999.

Safeguarding Email Form

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