Ash Field Academy
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Week 3 - Online Video Content

Topic / Subject /Activity YouTube Links



Guidance and instructional demonstrations

from Alexis

Child's Pose


Cobra Pose


Downward Dog Pose

Sensory Stories


Trip To Space - Introduction


Trip to Space - Main Video

Reading Books


Well-known stories read aloud for young people (and grown ups!) to listen to


Big Wide mouth frog


Brown bear, brown bear what do you see?


Cave Baby

Movement to Music


Movement to Music - Introduction


Movement to Music - Main Video

Ash Field Staff Songs


Fun songs to listen to and join with!


5 Little Monkeys


Different Coloured Hats

Massage Sessions


Going to the Circus Introduction


Going to the Circus Massage Sessions



Follow Nick's advice and join in with his exercise classes 


Week 1



Join in and dance along to fun and well-know songs!


Cha Cha Slide


Dancing While Seated



Eye Tracking


High Kneeling

Guided Meditation


Guidance and instructional demonstrations from Alexis


Chanting - HRO - Part 1


Chanting - HRO - Part 2


Chanting - HRO Playful


Craft Activities



Bottle Flower Stamp Art


Bubble Painting



Ideas and tips on creating your own artwork


Newspaper Funny Face


Colour Favourite Things

Music from Adele McMahon



Walking Through the Jungle


Music from Dan Britton



Colours Song


Dance Song

Teaching Signing

1 - Hello Everyone


2 - Wind the Bobbin up

Silly Stuff!



Because we all need to have a laugh now and again!

Goldilocks and the Three Bears