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Week 13 - Online Video Content

Topic / Subject /Activity YouTube Links



Guidance and instructional demonstrations

from Alexis


Yoga With Alexis - Part 2(a): Self Compassion - Heart Space


Yoga With Alexis - Part 2(b): Self Compassion - Self Hug


Sensory Stories



Trip to space sensory story intro vid


Trip to space main vid


Reading Books


Well-known stories read aloud for young people (and grown ups!) to listen to



The Jabberwocky (poem)


The Polar Bear & The Snow Cloud


The Smartest Giant in Town


The Story of Buddha


Movement to Music



Movement to Music - Introduction


Movement to Music - Main Video


Ash Field Staff Songs


Fun songs to listen to and join with!



Happy and you know it


Hooray for Ash Field!


Let it Shine


Massage Sessions



I do like to be beside the seaside introduction


I do like to be beside the seaside - massage session


Nick’s P.E.


Ash Field Virtual Sports Day


Virtual Sports Day - details and certificate download link 


As we enter the final half term, I wanted to try and recreate some kind of sports day so that even through we are apart our pupils can still be part of a team as they do their movement and exercise.


Over the next few weeks we will be holding a Virtual Sports Day which will be a series of challenges where pupils can gain points for their teams. Pupils (or parents/carers) can choose from a range of challenges identified on the attachments (sent by Class Dojo or clicking the link above) and when completed can fill the amount of points they have gained on the tracker certificate which is also part of the attachment. Each Friday we would ask you to message the class teacher with number of points that your child has achieved (there is no need to detail what they have done in achieving them).


The range of challenges are designed to ensure all pupils have a few different options of things they can do but as always, please be creative with your child to help engage them as much as possible.


All of the classes in the school have been allocated to one of four teams (this is on the attachment) and I will give weekly updates on which how many points each team has. This will run up until Friday 3rd July.


Have fun trying some of these!










Join in and dance along to fun and well-know songs!



Shake your Sillies Out


Spice Girls


The Ketchup Song





Reaching and Crossing Over




Rolling Objects


Guided Meditation


Guidance and instructional demonstrations from Alexis



Chanting - HRO - Part 1


Chanting - HRO - Part 2


Chanting - HRO Playful


Chanting - Mindfulness Activity



Craft Activities




Mindfulness Colouring


Monster Truck Painting


Paper Aeroplanes




Ideas and tips on creating your own artwork



Newspaper Funny Face!


Painting with Fingers


Painting with hands


Music from Adele McMahon


Zoom Zoom Zoom


Hello Song


The Goodbye Song


Music from Dan Britton




Its all About Me


Samba Samba


The Circus is Coming to Town


Teaching Signing


1 - Hello Everyone


2 - Wind the Bobbin up


3 - Three Little birds


Silly Stuff!



Because we all need to have a laugh now and again!

Day at the Circus