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Virtual Assemblies

Friday Assembly - 2th July

Today we have Stephanie and some lovely sports day images for you to enjoy.

Friday Assemby - 25th June

This weeks host is Jess and we have a lovely cover of Bruno Mars for you all to join in with.

Friday Assembly 11th June 2021

Jenny is this week's host and we have a Fleetwood Mac Classic to listen to :)

Friday Assembly - 28th May 2021

A song about Raining as well as talking about sleep are in this week's pre-break assembly!

Friday Assembly - 21st May 2021

This week Ellen is asking 'Who are we?' and Dan Dan the music man and his fellow musicians are very excited at Leicester's winning of the FA Cup!

Assembly 7th May 2021

Pineapple Sunglasses is a clue to this week's host!
Neils, Dans and Adeles are as ever providing us with a great song.
..and last but not least our school anthems.

Friday Assembly - 30th April 2021

This week it's fine to complain and also for some reason I really want ice cream now!

Friday Assembly - 23rd April 2021

This week we have some breaking news! Our host Jess talks to us about words and there seems to be more Neils, Adeles and Dans than ever before!

Assembly - Friday 16th April

Dan, Adele, Neil (and friend) give us an uplifting song this week, while our host Jenny talks about St George's day which is next Friday 23rd April.

Friday 26th March Assembly

In this week's pre-Easter break assembly, Ellen is our host with words of hope and the band of Dan, Neil and Adele could not be more Easter themed if they tried!

Friday Assembly -12th March

This week our host Caroline talks about International Women's Day. Neil, Dan and Adele are SO looking forward to St Patrick's day soon. We also have a piece of class created artwork to show off!

Assembly - 5th March

This week our host Helen gives us all some hope for the future. In the 4 Neils, 2 Adeles and Dan performance there is an extra performer - can you spot them...

Friday Assembly - 26th February 2021

Jenny is 'positively' this week's host!
If you're a morning person, you will definitely love the song from the Neils, Dan and Adeles!

Assembly - Friday 12th February

This week is all about the internet, since it was Safer Internet Day on the 9th February. We also have a Valentine's day special song from Dan, Adele, Neil, Adele, Neil, Neil and last but by no means least - Neil!

Plus the usual 2 anthems :)

Happy half-term everybody!

Ash Field's Assembly - Friday 5th February

This week is Ellen's assembly and we have the usual 2 songs plus another gem from Neil, Adele and Dan :)

Friday 29th January

This week we have a 7 piece band song from Dan, Adele and Neil! Stephanie is our host.

Assembly - Friday 22nd January

This week, Caroline is the host and we have music from the usual as well as Dan and Adele!

Friday Assembly - 15th January

This week's host Helen has provided a stomping song for us! Plus more excellent music from Dan.

Assembly - 8th January

Happy new year!

Our first assembly of 2021

Christmas Cracker 2020 Primary Performance (Directors Cut)

Not able to do a traditional performance this year, this is our online Primary Christmas performance.

Christmas Cracker 2020 - Secondary Performance

Here is our "Christmas Cracker" performance from our wonderful Secondary pupils and staff :)

Friday Assembly - 4th December

This week our host Ellen has a very special video for us all to watch! Dan, Neil and Adele sing an uplifting version of 'Let it Shine' :) Enjoy!

Assembly - Friday 27th November

This week's assembly is a celebration of "World Hello Day" which this year was on the 21st November. We also have music from Adele, Dan and Neil - plus a new version of our Anthem "Hooray for Ash Field"!

Friday 20th November - CiN Assembly

It might be a week late, but it's still a special assembly! Jess Renner is hosting this week and there's lots of information about all the wonderful work that the BBC's Children in Need appeal does.😀


Friday 13th November - Virtual Assembly


Hi everyone, there is a slight change to this week's virtual assembly.  I'm afraid we don't have the usual format, instead we have two videos for you to watch.  The first video below was created by BBC Children in Need and the second video is a special song performance created by Dan and Neil for Diwali. smiley


(The pictures below link to BBC owned websites.  The two videos are below these pictures)







Goodbye Rainclouds

This year hasn't been easy for anyone. But for some children, it's been especially hard. Together, we can make a huge difference. Find out more about the pro...

At Home with Dan (and Neil) - Diwali Special

A special treat this week as Dan Britton and Neil Rabjohn have created a performance song for Diwali next week. Light a Diya if you can and sing along :)


Ash Field's Friday Assembly - 6th November

This week we have special video in advance of the 11th November - Rememberance Day. We also have music from Adele and the usual anthems.

Friday's Assembly - 30th October

This week we have another class involved, Dan with his dog Fergus and Jess as the host!

Ash Field's Assembly 16th October

This week is an anti-bullying special assembly! We also have music from Neil and class Highcross singing are first anthem!

Ash Field's Assembly - Friday 9th October

This week Ellen is the host and we have new versions of our favourite anthems! We also take a trip to Adele's Farm for a sing along. :)

Friday's Assembly - 2nd October

Lots of content this week :)

Friday's Assembly - 25th September

This week Caroline is hosting and we have lots of awesome class videos. Also - Adele, Dan and Neil are down on the farm again! :)

Ash Field's Virtual Assembly - Friday 18th September

This week's host is Helen and we have brilliant musical number from Dan and Neil - so get your singing voices ready! :)

Ash Field's Assembly - Friday 11th September

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

Friday Assembly - 4th September 2020

Special Leavers Assembly - 10th July 2020

Friday Assembly - 3rd July

Ash Field Friday Assembly - 26th June

Ash Field Friday Assembly - 19th June

Ash Field's Friday Assembly - 12th June

Ash Field's Friday Assembly - 5th June



Ash Field's Assembly - Friday 22nd May

Special double-treat in this week's assembly!

Virtual Assembly - Friday 15th May

Ash Field Assembly - Friday 8th May

Ash Field's Friday Assembly - 1st May

Ash Field's Friday Assembly - 24th April

Our 2nd virtual assembly :)

Ash Field's Friday Assembly - 3rd April

Ash Field's first ever 'virtual' Friday celebration assembly!

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