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The Assistive Technology Assessment Centre

For over 20 years The Assistive Technology Assessment Centre has offered support to Leicester City's Primary, Secondary and Specialist Schools who are seeking to include pupils with physical disabilities. This includes pupils in transition at each stage.


We have an experienced team of teachers and support staff who support the work of the Assistive Technology Assessment Centre. Several of our staff have, or are undertaking, specific assistive technology and AAC training through the Ace Centre.


Our team has experience and can offer training in the following:

  • Assistive Technology
  • Augmentative and Alternative Communication
  • Moving and Handling
  • Makaton
  • Supporting pupils with medical needs


Due to COVID-19 restrictions we are currently not delivering Moving and Handling training to external providers. We aim to have training programme available in June 2021 for the next academic year. 


The Assistive Technology Centre is headed up by Ellen Croft - Vice Principal and Director of Teaching School. You can contact her on


Our Outreach team has a wealth of experience in teaching and supporting pupils with physical disabilities. Liaising with NHS Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech and Language Services, we offer support, advise and associated training in the assessment of needs and provision. 



Jan 2021: The ATAC team at Ash Field Academy are currently reviewing their current provision whilst still undertaking our assessment duties. We are hoping to expand the work we do to even better meet the needs of the pupils, families and professionals in Leicester City. 


Referrals for Assistive Technology Assessment


Pupils should be referred for assessment if it is thought that there may be assistive technology available that could support the pupil's learning. An Education Health and Care Plan is not required. Pupils who have an EHC plan maintained by another authority should be referred to that authority for assessment. 


Referrals are not necessary where the school knows what equipment is necessary, but just wants standard equipment purchasing, for example a laptop. In this case, the school should purchase the equipment itself. However, the school may approach the Assistive Technology Centre at Ash Field School, or other support services, for advice on suitable software.

To refer a pupil for an Assistive Technology Assessment please complete the referral form above and email this to Leicester City Special Educational Service at: 


Please also cc in this referral email.


Once we have received you referral we will confirm whether the pupil falls within the remit of our service and if so one or more of the team will arrange to visit the pupil or signpost you to other services if needed.

What's the cost?...


Our services are free to Leicester City schools. This includes all visits and most training. Although we can loan equipment and possibly software for up to 6 weeks for trial purposes, expenditure on software and equipment for long-term use should be met from individual school’s special needs budgets or other funding.

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