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What is important to us?

To ensure that the pupils of Ash Field have the very best education and care; are best supported to live happy and fulfilling lives beyond Ash Field, enjoying as much independence as possible; and are able to positively contribute to society. 
At Ash Field, it is vital that we prepare our students for the world beyond. This can look very different depending on the child. It is therefore important that we get to know that child, their support/care network and the possible options they have for their future, ensuring they have the skills and knowledge they require to be comfortable, happy and enriched. We are ambitious for all our pupils and strive to challenge them at all opportunities so that they can access learning and make progress. Our pupils inevitably face barriers other children don’t have to and we want to help them realise, manage and overcome those with as much independence as possible.


Our curriculum is based on a combination of knowledge and skills. We want our pupils to develop meaningful and functional knowledge and skills that will support their adult life. 


Our Pathways 
There are three pathways that pupils may travel on once they have completed the Early Primary stage. Our pathways are categorised by need but we recognise that children can sometimes sit ‘between’ pathways or have different levels of function, depending on their disability. 

Early Primary PathwayThis is a mixed ability pathway for pupils aged between 4 and 7 years old

Blue Pathway: For pupils who usually have profound and multiple physical, sensory and communication needs

Green Pathway: For pupils who usually have severe learning needs. Pupils’ needs may be associated with their physical or medical disability and a combination of sensory and/or communication difficulties

Yellow Pathway: For pupils who usually have moderate learning difficulties, or they may be working age-appropriately. The pupils’ needs may be associated with their physical or medical disability and a combination of sensory and/or communication difficulties. Pupils on this pathway are typically working at a level below just below their mainstream peers



A Student Shotputting at an Athletics Venue            Pupil mixing eggs with an electric hand whisk


We endeavour to offer a broad and balanced curriculum by offering a range of learning areas which are bespoke to the needs of the pathway cohort. The pathway handbooks explain each area in more depth and show example time tables. 

  • In Early Primary, we plan collaborative peer learning, following the EYFS curriculum. We encourage learning through play and aim to develop a love of learning and a natural sense of curiosity. 
  • In the Blue Pathway, the pupil is the curriculum.  The focus of the curriculum is on the current needs of each pupil, using meaningful and sustained stepping stones for each key aspect. These are based on five Areas of Learning – Communication, Discovery, Movement, Social Development (the four core areas) and Enrichment. 
  • The Green Pathway curriculum is based around the individual pupils’ needs. For all pupils, however, the individual goals are based around four key Areas of Learning – My Communication, My Movement, Myself, My Thinking as well as Enrichment which includes How My World Works and My Creativity.
  • The Yellow Pathway curriculum is designed to be reinforcing/consolidating, personalised, holistic, concrete and contextualised, and challenging. It is based on five core curriculum areas – English, Maths, ICT, Independence and Healthy Lifestyles plus additional learning in The World Around Us (Science, RE and Creativity). Some pupils on this pathway work towards accreditation, for example, Entry Level Certificates. 

For more information about a pathway, click on the links below.

Any PDF document can be translated into another language by Google Translator, a link to the translator and instructions on how to use it can be found in our policies section, by clicking on the link below:

To support our work in these key areas we have dedicated teams:


Movement Team – A specialist team of Ash Field staff who work closely with physiotherapists and occupational therapists as well as our yoga teacher, Alexis, to ensure that pupils are as comfortable as possible so they can enjoy learning.


Communication Team - A specialist team of Ash Field staff who work closely with speech and language therapists and Neil and Dan our fabulous musicians, to develop pupils’ communication skills through music, singing and assistive technology.


Well Being Team - A specialist team of Ash Field staff who work closely with health professionals to ensure our pupils receive the care they need, are happy and ready to learn.


These teams are also involved in supporting the teacher to write and review pupils’ goals.


A rich and varied programme in Arts, Sport and Music supports pupils so they develop their talents and interests in school and in the wider community. In recent years highlights have included; our work with Sinfonia Viva orchestra, Noise Academy, the Curve Theatre, the Attenborough Arts Centre and The City Classroom.


All pupils have the opportunity to go on visits that have been planned by the class teacher to enhance their learning. Recent visits have included; Stoke Mandeville residential, Thomas Land, Gorse Hill Farm, Ethel Bakery, Palmer Garden Centre, road safety walks and travel training.


Our Wider Offer


Beyond the core areas, we offer a range of experiences that provide wider learning for our pupils including Residential stays, visits, interventions, clubs, work experience, travel training and working with outside agencies on projects. Everything that we offer leads to the promotion of independence and real-life skills.  

The Residential Curriculum Offer

Further Education Curriculum Offer



Phonics and Reading Schemes 


We have recently purchased Anne Sullivan's 'Phonics for Pupils with Special Educational Needs'. Information about the scheme can be found here: Phonics for Pupils




Want to find out more information about our curriculum?


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